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Hunt's Forage Farm 
SHIPPING:  We deliver locally (within 40 miles) @ a competitive rate a 27 bale minimum.  We use a local trucking company to handle our long distance hauls.  We normally get Henry & Henry, Inc. trucking to make those deliveries.  He uses flat bed semi trailers and also can haul box vans.  The delivery cost is handled privately between him and the customer (48 bale minimum). Back to Home Page


ALFALFA: We normally get 5 cuttings of alfalfa per season.  We strive to produce a high quality product @ a fair price.  However, sometimes, the weather has plans of its own.  All of our alfalfa is tested by the University of Kentucky and is priced according to its feed quality.  We price our hay by the bale because theres not a local place to weigh loads.  Our 5th cutting is normally put up as haylage designated for the dairy market.