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Hunt's Forage Farm 


My (David Hunt) pappaw..  Glen Keel
started the forage business we now operate in the early eighties after retiring from a career with the US Navy.  He ran the business with his son: Doug Keel until 2002.  At that point he retired for the 2nd time and Doug moved onto a public job.  In 2003 dad took over the family farm and began a transition from a small square bale business (50lb. Square bales) to the large square bales (3'x3'x8' 800lb.) we produce and sell now.  I began farming full time in 2006.  We grow around 200 acres of alfalfa, 400 acres of timothy and orchard grass, and keep 300 acres of corn and soybean growing as a transitional crop. We strive to produce top quality dairy and horse quality hay to be shipped all over the united states.   We also produce cattle quality hay for the local market.   We have 3 farms..  1 that is owned in the Walnut grove area in the Fredonia valley and 2 farms that our rented.  We are blessed to be able to work with great land owners.  Our "Ethridge Place" is in Princeton located beside the woman's correctional prison farm which is within 5 miles of I-69.  The farm is owned by Kenneth and Keith Ethridge.  We have rented this 310 acre farm since 1985 which shows how fortunate we are to work with great land owners.  The 3rd farm is my papaws: Glen Keel.  It has recently been transferred into the Keel Family Trust.  Control by Doug Keel, Sandy Keel, and Rhonda Hunt-Keel.  It is located in Fredonia and is easily recognized by a barn with a Huge red "K"!  We hope to continue the tradition of family farms into the future.  Our hay operation would not be possible with out the help from Jamie Hunt (my brother) who has a large row crop operation in Crittenden County and Van Hunt (dads brother) and his son Cody Hunt.  Who also operate there own row crop farm in Crittenden County.

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